Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Something New

6th edition of 40k really killed the game for me.  I still love the lore and the models, but i needed something new just to break the routine of Blood Angels.  The local came store I play at ( The Game Cave ) has since started supporting Hordes and War Machine with a huge new/young crowd.  We've started with around 3 to 4 players and are now in our first journeyman league with over 12 players in about 2 months time.

That being said, I'm no stranger to this game.  I've had several chances to play the game and have since collected a few armies.  My Khador is in bad shape and needs some serious TLC.  The Warpigs are in good shape, just not a huge line to pick from (and lets face it....the roadhog killed that army for me).

So i picked up some Troll Bloods and started to paint.  Some people noticed and thus my first commission.  Here's a Slag Troll I've just finished.

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