Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Something New

6th edition of 40k really killed the game for me.  I still love the lore and the models, but i needed something new just to break the routine of Blood Angels.  The local came store I play at ( The Game Cave ) has since started supporting Hordes and War Machine with a huge new/young crowd.  We've started with around 3 to 4 players and are now in our first journeyman league with over 12 players in about 2 months time.

That being said, I'm no stranger to this game.  I've had several chances to play the game and have since collected a few armies.  My Khador is in bad shape and needs some serious TLC.  The Warpigs are in good shape, just not a huge line to pick from (and lets face it....the roadhog killed that army for me).

So i picked up some Troll Bloods and started to paint.  Some people noticed and thus my first commission.  Here's a Slag Troll I've just finished.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Back! With some Blood Angels love

Been a while.....over a year.  Lots of changes, but one things stayed constant, Blood angles have captured my attention.  I'll be updating with different items from that army and painting tips.

I've recently moved to the Nashville and found a great gaming group.  Lots of great campaign ideas and story builders for the 40k universe.

Here's the current WIP.  I wanted to make a Librarian for my Blood angels but they are all jump inf based, so it took some kit bashing but here's the built and painted product.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Inquisitor Coteaz

Been a busy few months.  Finished the Sons of Medusa army, and now I am working on a Blood Angels army, but more of that later.  For now I have an Inquisitor Coteaz model left over from the Grey Knights army I sold last month.  I've been wanting to paint this guy for some time and with the new paint line and a base "gold" paint...it made it a breeze.  I have no use for him, and so he'll be going up on ebay later today.

Friday, February 24, 2012


So...boredom had set in.  I finished my Medusa army, and had nothing lined up (other than skaven rats, and there doesn't seem to be a end to them), so I dug through my boxes of bits and unpainted mini's and found a lot of orks.  I enjoyed painting this model, but am a little gun shy of starting a horde army, but we'll see how it goes, I have the test models of a nob and boy sitting on my desk waiting to be painted.

Here's the Ork Warboss:

This project may get derailed before it even leaves the station as the new leaked pics of the Thunder Wolf Cav may get me to dust off my space wolves and finish them up, but we'll see.  Off to the local GW tomorrow for the fun and festivities of 25 years of 40K.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sons of Medusa

 Back in Octoberish, there was chatter about starting a new campaign designed around the Imperial Armour 9&10 also know as the Badab Wars.  After scouring through both books, I found an army that sounded fun to build, and was also a different contrast to the normal colors i seem to always paint.  I picked the Sons of Medusa, whom prize themselves on eliminating the week parts of their bodies and replacing it with some sort of bio-mechanical system.  So....here's the list:

Vaylund Cal (HQ from IA 10) - 215 pts.
2 10 man Tactical squads in rhino's.  Sarge has plasma pistol and PW, squad has melta/hvy bolter - 490 pts.
1 10 man Devastator squad with 4 missile launchers, Sarge is CCW and Bolt Pistol - 230 pts.
2 Thunderfire Cannons - 200 pts
2 Venerable Dreadnoughts with fist and plasma cannon - 350 pts.
2 Land Speeders with hvy bolters and typhoon missile launchers - 180
2 Assault bikes with multi-meltas - 100 pts
1 5 man Terminator squad.  Sarge has PW,  rest have fists, 1 chain fist & a assault cannon - 235 pts

Total 2000 points.  Here's the finished army, the Assault bikes are in the post before this regarding custom bases.

Vaylund Cal
As described in the book, this guys is massive, and has undergone massive efforts to remove the week parts of his human body.  Therefore, his stat line reflects such transformation giving him S5 T6.  He's tough to kill and decent in CC, but strikes last as he has a thunder hammer and his servo claws.  The nice thing he adds tot he army is that you drop combat tactics and get Fearless as well as all of your Devastator squads receive the "Feel No Pain" special rule.  So couple the FNP with the tech priests bolster defenses, and you how have a 3/3 with a FNP 4+ on your dev squads.

Here are the Tactical squads:

 Terminators with Vaylund Cal

 Dev Squad




This army was a ton of fun to paint and build.  Required a lot of bits bashing from multiple space marine boxes.  I have a lot of armies, but this is the first army that I did not play until it was fully painted.

Next.....something Orky, should have a WIP pic up in a few days.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Scenic Bases

Been a while since my last post, been working feverishly on a new army for our next campaign, but more on that later. This post is about custom resin bases. I like scenic bases and i really like for my attack bikes to be on a base, just adds to the look and feel of the army with them on one. So i did some research and found some amazing resin bases that fit attack bikes (and all other sizes) at www.dragonforge.com. Here's what they look like start to finish

As with all resin products, wash them before you apply any paint with hot soapy water and rinse well. I have two bikes in the army and unfortunately they only had one base design for the style i like.

Here are the bases finished.  I went with a Ash wasteland look to my army for their bases.  Start with a mixture of black ballast (gravel) from Woodland Scenics and the small slate pieces from the Warhammer 40k scenic basing kit.  The black ballast is easy to paint as you can just dry brush it or with dark colors a light layer of paint is all that is needed.

 The bases were primed chaos black and then a base coat of Charadon Granite and then dry brushed the gravel only with Adeptus Battlegrey and then Codex gray allowing for the dry brush to hit the edges of the "cracked earth" parts of the bases.  Bone pieces were painted with Deneb Stone and then washed Devlin Mud.  The grass that is used is Citadel's Burnt Grass.

Here are pictures of finished models on the bases, Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


For part of our first campaign we were to create our own objectives for our games. No longer are dice cubes required or that off color tree.  Here's the 5 I created. The two flags are from the SoB immolator spru. The floating demon stone is a die that no longer was needed. The books were bits from both empire and gk sprus and the chaos shrine is kit bashed from various chaos bits...with a special night lords helmet to tease at kyle.